Toutes les photos : © Julien DANIEL

Julien Daniel was born on February 25th 1970; He is married and father of two children, Zoe (10 years old) and Simon (14). He followed audiovisual studies and started working as a photographer in 1993 and entered L’oeil Public. This association became a photo agency in 2001. Julien has worked for them for 10 years successfully handling his personal projects, press and corporate orders. He received the World Press Photo prize in 2000 and 2001, The Prix Kodak de la Critique in 2004, and the Prix Fnac Attention Talent in 2002.He was granted in 2009 the Prix de la bourse du festival de la photo de mer in Vannes for his work on the Okinawa island in Japan.His main projects are the quatre saisons in Moscow (« 2 ou 3 choses que j’ai vues d’Elle »), his coverage of 9/11(NY, J +11), his photo report about the Orange revolution in the Ukraine, or his work « Odessa-Odessa », made in the Ukraine and in Texas. Julien Daniel started working for the Myop Photo agency in 2008.